Table of Contents


We Are All Dominican


Farah Hallal

My Dream and Passion

Pedro Luis Novas Firsen

What is Rosanny’s Baggage Full Of?

Rosanny Romilis Jiménez

Manchy's Life

Maritza Exilus Bla

The Hungry Robot

Isidro Berique

The Phoenix

Yolanda Alsino

A Thousand Stories

Elena Lorac

Paralyzed in a batey

Estefany Feliz Pérez

The Story of a Rose

Rosa Joseph

Who Am I?

Confesor Miguel Edel

A Better Life

Margarita Vicente

Coffee with Bread

Mayra Feliz Pérez

Thank you for Changing my Life

Shalin Charles Deni

The Innocence of a Girl in The Batey

Esther Bonnat Michel

Achieving a Dream

Liliana Nuel

This Nightmare

Wilna Sentilis

Add and Subtract

Kendry Paulina

And I Also Loved the Music

Gedeón Santana Anye

David and his Father

David Mathurin

I Needed to Know

Lorena Martínez